Kitbashing your Prototype to a Work of Art

Just a few models from free prototype kits can go pretty far if your creative

Prototype boxes and capsules can get us pretty far but eventually, we need some real art assets, animations, and effects. Now while it’s nice to have custom art assets made for the project, if you’re still in the early stages of prototyping sometimes you need to use a model kit and animation kit instead to avoid wasting an artist’s time.

These likely won’t be the final models but for a few dollars or a little google searching for CC0 assets can lead to model packs that look passable for a small game’s final build. The hard part can be finding consistently styled assets and making do with what you find, so here are a few tips.

Search for modelers that work in Themes

Re-Use, Re-Color, Combine Assets

Other times, we can take seemingly simple asset shapes and combine them to make something new to demo an idea and get it working before modelers make a low poly version.

KitBash Example

Avoid Spending If You Don’t Have To — CC0

Quaternius is one of the CC0 artists I always check as they have solid simple models to just spruce up a prototype from interactable green orbs to an actual room of objects. This can also be amazing to work out what is working or missing from a room to ensure the art team is building the “Right” assets for the game.

With a few assets and ProBuilder, you can build up a small scene to interact with in minutes vs days.

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