Setup Git with Unity3d for Commercial Development — Part 1 Installing

Why Use Git with Unity3d

So Let’s Get Started

Installing Git on your Windows 10 Machine

The big button located on the image of a computer screen

Important Install Setting

Initial Branch Setup Screen

Confirming Installation Works

git --version

Your first Repo!

Top right in GitHub
  • add our Repo name which can just be our Project Name
  • For our example we want this Repo to be Private, not Public
  • We want to add a .gitIgnore with the Unity template. This will ensure it doesn’t upload some system files that Unity generates but we don’t need a backup of.
  • Then we simply click the green “Create Repository” button

Next Up Creating the Local Repo

My custom default location for projects
cd 'C:/Code/Unity Projects/ProjectName'
git init
Travel to the directory and then git init
git remote add origin
HTTPS URL is hidden under the big Green button
Connecting and seeing that it connected

Next Up



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